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No matter what issues your family may be experiencing (and every family has some),  family therapy can help you sort them out. Maybe you feel like your family has grown apart, or you've lost a loved one. Let me help  you find a solution. We will address issues with communication: Families that have adolescent members or broad political differences, generational divides and divergent perspectives can be difficult to talk through constructively.  Substance use: Alongside the physical and mental impacts that substance use can have on an individual, their family members and other loved ones can experience distress as a result of alcohol or substance use disorder. Blended family issues: Bringing together two families through remarriage has the potential to enrich everyone’s lives, but it also can stir up feelings of grief, resentment, or jealousy as stepsiblings and stepparents learn to combine their lives. and address abuse of any kind: Whether emotional, neglectful, financial, or physical, abuse must be brought into the light and fully addressed before any parties can begin to move on. A licensed mental health professional can make all the difference in directing these conversations within a safe space, and online therapy provides distance that might be necessary.  Let us assist you through Traumatic events like death or divorce: Any kind of loss to a family can be felt by all of its members in different ways. 

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